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After-sales Services:

1. Free of charge delivery, professional and technical engineers on-site installation and commissioning, training personnelto operate and test;


2.Based on realities of users, we will propose specific suggestions of equipment installation in advance, to meet needs of a variety of on-site environment.


3.Provide support and guidance, for equipment installation on-site conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and other required aspects.


4.Warranty, one-year. In the warranty period, non-human misuse hardware failure, replace them for free, but human error leading to hardware failure, we only collect hardware costs; the warranty expired, we will charge all parts at cost price;


5.Within the warranty period, non-human misuse hardware failure, confirmed by technical staff, requiring on-site support, our technical personnel will solve troubleshooting within two working days.


6.Upgrade software for free, such services are not limited by warranty.


7.For general hardware failure and the issues of sample testing technology, we can solve by e-mail, 7x8-hour telephone or video communication technology exchange;


8.For on-site hardware failure, if it can not be resolved soon, we will offer free spare machine, to ensure the testing is not interrupted;


9.Hold seminars on practical detection technology, the latest technological advances; repair and maintenance, testing principles, etc.


10.Regular equipment calibration and calibration technical guidance;


11.For testing method and data, we will visit the customer’s usage, provide proper operation and maintenance of the instrument;


12.Establishing a detailed file for each customer's equipment status, usage and after-sales service, such tracking service ensures analyzers long-term steady running.


13.Website offers the company profile, product introduction, software downloads, tech. files download, technology exchange, technical seminars, news ect..


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