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Extraordinary development of JWGB!
JW Series (Flow chromatography method and static volumetric method)
Having lots of unique special techniques and independent intellectual property rights.
In 2004, R & D dynamic BET surface area analysis successfully, and fill the gaps. BET method is the international standard;
In 2005, R & D dynamic pore size analyzer successfully , and form a complete products, dynamic Nitrogen Adsorption Surface Analyzers;
In 2007, R&D static Nitrogen Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer successfully, and reach the international advanced level.
In 2008, JWGB is the only domestic manufacturer, selected for participating in​​Calibration of National Standard Materials.
In 2009, JWGB surface area and pore size analyzer was awarded Test Certificate by China Institute of Metrology.
In 2010, JWGB abtains the CE, ISO9001-2008 certification, etc..
Let’t review the decade history of JWGB.

     In2004:                                                     In2005:

       In2007:                                                   In2008:
       In2009:                                                   In2010: