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    Name:surface area analyze



    Analysis method:

    Langmuir, Direct comparison, BET (single-point, multi-point ), the average particle size estimating the outer surface area of carbon black

    Technical parameters:

    Method: nitrogen adsorption capacity , static volumetric
    Adsorbed gas: high purity nitrogen (99.99%)
    Ultimate vacuum: 4 × 10-2Pa (3 × 10-4 Torr)
    Partial pressure: 4 × 10-5 - 0.35
    Test Range: 0.01 (M2 / g) --- no upper limits (surface area)
    Accuracy: ± 1% repeatability error
    Test efficiency: multi-point BET surface area, per sample average ≤10min
    Level control: add no liquid nitrogen in 20h continuously.
    Sample No: 4 samples measured and 4 samples degassed simultaneously
    Pre-treatment: four samples in situ, treated separately, temperature, time can be set separately.
    Data collection: high-precision two-way digital acquisition module, the most flexibility to complete the most comprehensive data collection, the error is small. Anti-interference ability will help improve the accuracy of the results of surface area.
    Data process: standard window interface, easy to understand, learn, operate, rich analysis model, high image resolution, easy to maintain, taking system post-upgrating into account.
    Quality Certificate: CE, China Metrology Institute Certificate, Test Report of China Science and Technology, New Instrument Certification, GB / T 19001-2008 Quality Management System Certificate



    1. 4 samples consecutive test, good linear, high precision, fast speed
    2. 4 samples pretreated, without changing the location, processing conditions can be set separately;
    3. JW-analyzer, the only national technology appraisal product, with identification certificate.
    4. Germany helium leak detector checks vacuum system, to ensure high-vacuum.
    5. Precision control device of pumping and inflating speed ensures points up to 1000;
    6. Multi-channel liquid nitrogen surface control correction technology eliminates errors due to dead volume changes.
    7. Independent, non-fragile stainless steel dewar, safe, reliable, excellent insulation.
    8. No helium, reducing cost (a bottle of helium 2000 ¥)
    9. Programmable control circuit, high-precision two-way digital acquisition module, intelligent, long-running unattended;
    10. the results can be overlayed for analyzing.


    1. BET surface area

    2. 4 samples test interface

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